Why hire a property manager

Why Hire a Property Manager?

Because an experienced property manager will save you time, headaches and money.

At Tango Property Management Perth we make it clear to tenants what is expected of them regarding payment of rent, along with their responsibility to keep the property clean, call immediately if there’s a problem, and be good neighbours by adhering to regulations regarding noise, etc.

A property manager faces two duties:

  • Managing the tenants in a manner that keeps the property rented and minimising the possibility of facing expensive repairs when a tenant moves out.
  • Following all the government regulations that govern tenant/landlord relationships in Western Australia.

Failure in either area will cost the property owner too much – both emotionally and financially.

As an experienced local Perth property management company, we have the knowledge and the systems in place to protect you and your investment.

First, we screen the tenants by checking their employment, their references, and their rental history if they have one. If the tenant’s credentials meet your approval we will go through the lease agreement point by point with the tenants so there can be no misunderstandings regarding their obligations to look after your property.

Next, we have them fill out a detailed property condition report on move in – and we use that report at move-out. We collect a bond equivalent to 4 weeks rent to cover any damage to the property or loss of rent. This money is held by the government bond administrator.

During the tenancy, we make quarterly inspections

Do-it-yourself landlords who fail to deposit the bond as required are subject to heavy fines.

We use the proper mandatory forms. Unless property management is your business, you may not even be aware of the many forms and which to use in a specific situation.

The rules are different if the tenant is on a fixed agreement or is renting on a periodic, week-to-week basis. Time frames required for a notice to vacate or notice by the tenant that he or she is leaving are different, as are notices of rent increases. The regulations governing time frames and allowable increases can be confusing even for property management professionals.

Of course failure to adhere to the guidelines can result in liability problems.

Individual property owners may be reluctant to be “tough” with tenants.

When dealing with property owners rather than property managers, some tenants are skilled in getting away with late payments and/or misbehaviour. Some have sad stories to tell, and fall back on the “It isn’t my fault” excuse.

Individual owners are often reluctant to confront them or to demand better behaviour.

Since it is our job to protect our property owners, we are not.

While we try to work with everyone in order to keep every property occupied, we will not hesitate to begin and carry through with eviction proceedings when necessary and with your approval. We do so within the legal guidelines so no tenant can come back on the owner for unfair or unlawful eviction.

Setting a proper rental marketing price is not a guessing game.

Individual property owners have a hard time determining how much rent to charge. They can look at online ads, but without seeing the individual properties, they have no means of comparing their own property to other offerings, emotions can also cloud their judgement.

We won’t recommend a rental rate so high that a property remains vacant, and we won’t let a prospective tenant coerce us into a price that is below the going rate.

Maintaining minimum security standards and keeping detailed records are two important duties.

Here at Tango Property Managers Perth, we check to make sure our properties are in compliance with standards related to smoke alarms, security, electrical safety devices, swimming pools and fencing, window blinds and cords, and much more.

When any of these items need repair, we keep careful records to show what was done and when. Failure to do so can result in liability for the property owner.

Minimum security standards

With regard to repairs…

If you’ve ever needed repairs in your own home, you know how difficult it can be to find a contractor, especially on short notice.

We at Tango Property Managers Perth have no such difficulties.

Because we have good relationships with reliable contractors, we can get someone when they’re needed. They know that we will be ongoing customers and they treat us – and our property owners – well.

We don’t hire the cheapest; we hire the most reliable experts for the job. If there is ever a problem with their work, they willingly go back at no further charge.

Tango Property Managers Perth are professionals whose mission is to protect your investment while maximising your returns and minimising your risks.

If you’ve just purchased investment property; if you’ve been doing it yourself with poor results; or if you’re unhappy with your current property manager, call us.

We’ll be pleased to help make owning rental income property a benefit in your life.

We are Tango Property Managers Perth

Call us on 08 9450 3398 when you’re looking for a Perth area property management firm that will help you maximise your returns, protect your investment, and minimise your risks. Click here for a no obligation rental appraisal.


Tango Property Management Reviews Perth

Sean has been managing my property for 3 years now. Always been professional and quick to respond with any issues. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Sam Foot
Tango Property Management Reviews Perth

Tango Property has been managing our unit for 6 years first Dorothy and now Sean. They have been very supportive and have taught us a lot about being Landlords and taken care of us ensuring that we are protected with Landlord insurance, keeping us up to date as to issues that arise and sort them…

Barry Laurence
Tango Property Management Reviews Perth

I have been a using Tango Property Managers to help manage my rental property. As I am not living in W.A. it has not been easy to find tenants and be aware of the repairs and maintenance that have occurred.. Tango Property have been great with informing me of any issues as they come up.…

Helene McCormick
Tango Property Management Reviews Perth

Friendly, helpful and most importantly pro-active. Sean Lowrey is one of the most pro-active property managers I’ve come across in a long time. Recommended A+++++++

Tommy Segoro
Tango Property Management Reviews Perth

Sean is very professional and a nice guy has been letting my property out for about 4 years never had a problem .

Ryan Garner
Tango Property Management Reviews Perth

Sean is very professional and friendly to deal with in regards to property management and I would thoroughly recommend Tango Property Managers.

Ian Clews
Tango Property Management Reviews Perth

Sean’s customer service is second to none. He found a tenant for a difficult to rent time period and always attended promptly to any problems, although there were very few. We’d recommend him without hesitation.

Susan McCabe
Tango Property Management Reviews Perth

I have my property managed by Sean for the last 3 years. Sean is pleasant to deal with ,very professional on what he does , and directly deals promptly if there is any issues that arise between the tenant and the owner. I personally think that he made property tenancy less stressful as he screens…

Con Migrino Di Nardo