Why you should choose a boutique firm

Because we have the time and resources to give you and your property the attention you deserve. I am familiar with every property, and I have a personal interest in every client’s satisfaction.

Our business philosophy is to build a long term, one-on-one relationship of trust and understanding with all Landlords. You and I will deal directly with each other. This eliminates the misunderstandings or loss of communication that often occur between multiple parties.

Before I go into the details let me start off by saying that Property Management in Perth is really about people management. Anybody can collect rent; the real business is in finding quality tenants at the highest rentable value and keeping your property occupied.

We do a better job than other property managers

A constant watch is kept on the rental market in Perth and our surrounding areas, we know the going rates for every size and type of rental property – which means you are quoted a true rate. Anything else will cost you money, either in reduced revenues or lengthy vacancies. In addition, that rate is assessed each time a tenant’s lease nears its renewal date.

While we use multiple Internet portals, and the latest property management technology, to make contact and schedule property viewings, we meet all potential tenants face-to-face. We take time to converse with them and get a feel for who they are and how they will behave as tenants.

Of course there are checks on their employment, their references, and their rental history if they have one. Our goal is to choose a tenant who is a good match for your rental property – and who is most likely to treat it with care and pay the rent on time.
Before saying yes to any potential tenant, we’ll consult with you. We’ll share both our first impressions and the information gained through our research.

As an added protection, we are members of TICA. TICA is a highly regarded national portal set up to protect landlords against bad tenants that try to slip through the system. Applicants listed on this site are automatically rejected as tenants for any of our Landlords.

When tenants move into your property, they are required to acknowledge, sign and return a completed, extensive property condition report about the condition of the property. In addition we’ll take hundreds of photographs. So there can be no dispute about a property’s condition on move-in. This documentation is used to examine the property on move-out, to determine whether a bond should be returned or if charges for damage should be assessed.

We perform routine quarterly inspections (which are governed by legislation) of the property to ensure that tenants are maintaining cleanliness, attending to gardens, reporting maintenance issues, and treating the property with respect.
Whilst there, the overall condition of the property is assessed to ensure that minor maintenance issues are handled before they become major problems.

When maintenance issues arise, they are handled in a timely manner. However, before spending your money on replacements time is taken to determine whether a less expensive repair would be just as effective.

When repairs are necessary, we’ll call on trusted local providers who charge reasonable rates.

Barring emergencies, we will consult with you and gain your approval before spending any of your money.

Everything we do that is connected to your property is carefully documented for current and future reference.
Tango Property Management Perth uses the latest technology, including online accounting, to allow you and the tenants to check the accounts. Amongst other things…

  • You can see when the rent is due and when it has been paid.
  • You can check on scheduled maintenance jobs and their progress.
  • You can also access statements, charts and graphs of your income and expenses.

We know –“everyone says they communicate”. Well we actually do!

As the manager, I’ll see to it that you are sent a monthly statement so you can keep your own bookkeeping up to date. In addition, I’ll stay in touch via email, the telephone, or the post, with regard to inspection reports and for approval of maintenance and repairs. Then I’ll let you know the outcome and cost of any work that’s done.

Your prospective tenants may be working during the day and thus not free to meet with us or communicate during what most consider normal business hours. With that in mind, we make ourselves available to show properties and meet with prospective tenants during evening and weekend hours. 

Tough but fair tenant management

In addition to personally interviewing potential tenants and checking their employment, references, and past rental history, I make sure they are well aware of their obligations under their lease. They know they are expected to maintain cleanliness both indoors and out, report maintenance/repair issues immediately, and pay their rent on time. They also know that failure to properly maintain the property can be cause for termination, loss of their bond, and possible further financial liability.

We treat tenants with respect and as individuals. Recognising that unplanned things do happen, we try to work with them to assure that their rent is paid and your income continues to flow.

I avoid issuing termination notices unless absolutely necessary and only with your authority. When termination is the only option, I follow insurance guidelines to avoid putting you in a position of liability.