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Guidelines For Routine Inspections

Your property manager should be able to check easily and thoroughly in a short time with the least inconvenience to you.

Tidiness – we know some people are just not tidy however, an untidy property with Tenants’ belongings covering floors, bench tops, sinks, cooktops is impossible to inspect. This means we may have to come back and re-inspect – inconvenient for us, annoying for you etc. If you are smart, you will tidy up, clean up and have the place looking spick and span otherwise we may have to issue a Breach Notice (other than rent) – this means we may reinspect the property after 14 days from the day you receive the Notice – if there has been no change we may engage cleaners / gardeners at your expense.

How to Avoid Breach Notices and Repeat Inspections


  • Garden beds weeded, grass cut, evidence of appropriate watering where applicable,
    reticulation (if any) should be working and sprinklers intact
  • Cobwebs removed from lights, eaves and doors, outside lights working
  • Driveways / patios: should be free from boxes mats or carpeting where they will hold water
    and encourage mould. Sweep leaves away from recesses and doors especially when wet.
  • Doors and windows clean and free from dust and cobwebs. Sliding door tracks free from grit and
    dirt to prevent pitting which will affect smooth operation of the door
  • Drains should be cleared and free from grease and other debris


All floors should be vacuumed or mopped and areas not covered by furniture should be easily accessible. Clothing and other belongings strewn around will not be moved, reinspection will automatically follow even if only one room is inaccessible.

  • Windows must be clean and free from dust, cobwebs, insects, blinds and cords in working order
  • Kitchen / laundry / bathroom benchtops must be clean and uncluttered to facilitate close examination. Door surfaces should be clean and free from fingermarks
  • Stoves / hotplates / ovens / exhaust fans / sinks should be clean and free from grease
  • All light switches should be clean with no dirty fingermarks, all globes should be in working order


Where applicable, furniture and equipment will be checked please ensure all items are in a clean condition