Property Management Services in Victoria Park

Tango Property Managers are experts in property management based in Victoria Park. We take pride in assisting our clients achieve their property investment goals through professional Perth rental property management services.

We aim to protect our clients and their properties, and at the same time get the best return on investment.

Property Management Specialists

We have the proper skills and training to make us specialists in property management services. Our responsibilities include property upkeep, marketing, and maintenance and repair management. By employing our services, you will ensure your rental property investment is well taken care of.

Working with a good property management firm is the best way to optimise your investment. We will take care of any problems for you, so you have peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about your rental property, managing tenants or collecting the rent when we are on the job.

Sean Lowrey Property Manager Perth

Why Choose Tango Property Management

Our team has extensive experience managing properties in Victoria Park. We use the latest property management systems and technology to maximise our clients’ returns and protect their investment.

With our property manager specialists, you get:

  • Higher quality tenants – We carefully vet tenants to ensure you get the best ones for your rental property. We put processes in place to make sure tenants pay on time, there is less wear and tear on the property, and there are fewer problems arising.
  • Act as point of contact – Our clients don’t need to worry about repairs and other problems concerning their properties. Tenants can contact us and we will take care of the issue. All the time of course, we are open and transparent in our communication with our clients so they know what’s happening at all times.
  • Comply with legal requirements – We know all the laws governing rental properties in your area.

Contact us today for more information about our professional property management services.