Property Management Services

Property Management Services


Hi, my name is Sean Lowrey and I am the licensee and manager of Tango Property Managers. In order to ensure you get the best of service I take an active role in the day-to-day running of the property management department, a claim which not all agencies can make. In some instances the property management department is considered to be problematic and something to be ignored. Not so in our office. Below is a list of some of the tasks involved in managing your property, many agencies within the industry will list most if not all as part of their services to you, so how can you know the difference between one company offering property management services to another? I have listed a brief description of each of the components of property management and what you should be looking for in a property manager. Thanks for visiting our website!


Keeping you informed of what’s happening with your property is our number one priority, yes we will return your calls promptly however if we are doing our job correctly you won’t need to call because you will be already be well-informed.


We are available 7 days a week – after hours and at weekends – to show your property to prospective tenants. No opportunity to secure a quality tenant is missed.

Tenant Screening

First impressions count. Your property manager will personally meet and greet prospects and follow up all applications. We do not employ external ‘hosts’ to do showings for us.


Accurate, detailed Property Condition Reports, with photographs, are vital in avoiding problems at the end of a lease. Tango reports are by an experienced professional.

Rent Collection

Want to know how much is in your account? Login to your portal at any time using your unique login to see what rent has been paid. Rent is receipted daily and usually paid monthly.

Property Inspections

Up to 4 inspections per year are allowed. You will receive a report and photographs and details of maintenance if any. Tenants are notified of items they are responsible for.


You may not see your property for several years. Wear, tear and degradation are inevitable.  We recommend maintenance when it is needed. We never spend your money unnecessarily.


We report to you in different ways – by phone, email or post – all part of the ongoing communication necessary to keep you fully informed about the condition of your property.

Online Portal

As well as checking on how much is in your account, your portal allows you to check on quotes your property  manager has sourced and find out when inspections are scheduled.


Before we give the gong to a tenant we will discuss applicants with you. It is important to note we cannot discriminate on the basis of sex, colour or creed or if there are children.



The Department of Consumer Protection regulates our industry. The regulations apply to all concerned in property leasing including you, the Owner. Check out their informative website.

Find out what your property’s rental value is.