Property Management Services in Manning

Are you looking for property management services in Manning, Western Australia? We’ve got the management expertise you need right here.

Tango Property Management is an experienced Perth property management company that provides top-quality service. We offer more than just rent collection and tenant seeking. Our team will work hard to make sure your investment produces the best possible returns.


Property Management Specialists in Manning

With years of experience as property management specialists, we offer our expertise to support investors and clients to maximise profits and manage properties more efficiently. We will work closely with you as we perform tasks and manage your properties.

With Tango Property Management’s services, you’ll always have access to a professional and knowledgeable team with your best interests in mind. We’re experts in maximizing the potential of our clients’ investments; we will keep on top of management so that you don’t have to worry about it.

How Can Tango Property Maximise Your Profits

Tango Property Management are experts at maximising your earning potential. We are focused on current and up-to-date market knowledge. To ensure you make the best profit, our property managers will:

  • Market your property using the right platforms to get the best tenants. We pride ourselves in making it possible for your prospective tenants to reach us anytime of the day, even on weekends and after hours. We are always available to show new tenants properties in Manning and respond to their queries.
  • Run thorough and careful checks on new tenants and consult with you all decisions regarding accepting new tenants. We also ensure they understand and agree with the terms and agreements, including proper maintenance and making timely rental payments.
  • Setting the best rental rates. As it’s a crucial part of attracting new tenants, we conduct market research to set accurate and realistic quoted rental rates.
  • Protect your property and work closely with tenants, performing routine maintenance checks and reporting any needed repairs before becoming a more costly issue. We also inspect and document the condition of your property before and after occupancy for releasing bonds or incurring charges.
  • Document and compile everything about your property, from monthly rental payments to maintenance and repair schedules. We also keep track of your investment goals.

If you have a property in Manning, we at Tango Property Managers are ready to assist you to get the best returns from your investments. Get in touch today for more information.

Expert Property Managers at Your Service

At Tango Property Managers, we strive to provide you with the best management services possible through building trust and understanding. We spare no effort in meeting your needs and expectations. We ensure you peace of mind by providing transparency and practicing effective marketing.

With our professional and proactive property managers in Manning, you can get the best possible profit by having more prospective tenants and better tenant screening. With our regular maintenance checks and condition reports, you can also avoid expensive overdue repairs. You can also check your investment progress through charts and graphs and make informed business decisions as needed.

Get in touch today and start your free rental appraisal!