Preparing your property for rent checklist

Prepare your property for rent- checklist

Please note that we are happy to arrange most of the below items for you if you wish.

  • Keys: we require at least 2 copies of keys, one for the office and one for the tenant, we can arrange for keys to be cut if required
  • Power gas and telephones notify your suppliers that you wish to close your accounts you must personally do this.
  • Forwarding address: Please provide a forwarding address and contact details to our office if this property was your home.
  • Water: where applicable, (some units are not billed for water) a final meter reading will be arranged by your property manager and carried out by the Water Corporation. This will be at your expense and will include any additional charges for water consumption.
  • Please have your mail redirected. This can be done on-line at Water rates, council rates, insurance, strata levies and other accounts relating to your property can be redirected to our office and paid from your rental funds. Please let us know if you would like this to be arranged if not already done.

Compliance with regulations:

  • Smoke Alarms must be hard wired, fitted near bedrooms and be less than 10 years old. Where they cannot be hard wired an alarm with a 10 year battery life must be fitted.
  • RCD’s every property must have RCDs (Residual Current Devices) at least one for power outlets and one for lighting.
  • Blind Cords must be secured a minimum of 1.6 meters above the ground by cleats or similar and have warnings regarding strangulation hazards.
  • External Doors must be fitted with a deadlock that complies with the regulations or a lockable security screen door that complies with the relevant Australian standard.
  • Windows must not be able to be opened from outside, a keyed lock is not required.
  • Front Door Light must be fitted near the front door with an internal switch close to the door.
  • Swimming pool fencing must meet current rules and regulations


  • Carpets and any furniture to be professionally cleaned
  • Pets: If pets have been kept at the property fumigate the property for parasites, tenants are also expected to do so when vacating.
  • Hard floors: wash or vacuum. If tiles, ensure grout is clean. If Timber floors have been damaged, re-sanding may be arranged at the tenant/s expense.
  • Walls: to be clean and free of blu-tack, stickers,
  • Lights: all globes should be working, all glass and shades intact and clean.
  • Wet areas: bathrooms, toilets, laundry must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Shower screens/curtains must be cleaned and any mould on ceilings or walls washed off. Exhaust covers should be removed and cleaned.
  • Windows, window ledges and tracks, blinds, flyscreens and sliding door tracks and curtains should be thoroughly cleaned, glass must be cleaned inside and outside.
  • Stove tops, exhausts, ovens and barbeques (if provided) should be clean and free from grease and burnt on food particles. Do not use abrasive cleaners on stainless steel cook tops, there are a variety of suitable cleaning products available in supermarkets.
  • Dishwasher: where provided, please leave clean and empty. Wash out the detergent compartments and leave the door slightly open to allow the machine to dry out.
  • Cupboards and drawers should be emptied and cleaned inside and out. Handles must be secure
  • Driveways/outdoor sheds/garages: should be emptied, swept clean and stains removed.
  • Gardens: should be neat with grass cut, reticulation fittings intact and working and garden beds, paving bricks and fence lines should be weeded.
  • Gutters: (Where applicable) cleaned of leaves and debris
  • Rubbish: should be removed and bins left in a clean condition.

Cleaners – cleaners charges vary a lot, there is usually a minimum 3 hour charge. If you intend to engage one you should obtain quotes and check the integrity of the company carefully.