Prepare Your House For Sale On The Real Estate Market

3 Tips to Prep Your House for the Real Estate Market


Space, space & more space is what most of us need today in our home. We can never have enough. Most people today look for open plan living and cupboard space. If your house doesn’t have this don’t stress, try these cost effective tips below.

  • Remove as much clutter from each room. Donate, sell or store these items at someone’s house temporarily.
  • Rearrange furniture to make the room feel more open plan. If you need to, temporarily store excess furniture elsewhere.
  • Cleanout and re-organize cupboards. People love lots of storage space for their own clutter. Show them that your home has the space they need.


Most people have limited imagination. Help potential buyers, by strategically setting up your house so they can picture themselves living in it. Today’s trends are modern & earthy. Try these tips below to spruce up your house. You don’t need to spend loads of money but spending some can go a long way.

  • Freshen up tired walls with a quick coat of paint. Use light natural colors to make it look bright & fresh.
  • Make the master bedroom look comfy & cosy by updating your bedding & placing a few matching feature pillows on it.
  • Clear off kitchen bench tops & keep just a few featured items such as a coffee machine, bowl of fresh fruit & or a cook book on display.
  • Buy some glass vases to fill up and freshen up spaces. You can either buy fake flowers to go in them or better yet buy fresh flowers a couple days before your home open. It really gives off a nice welcome vibe.

Electrical & Plumbing

A blown globe or dripping tap is probably one of the last things you want to bother with just before settlement but attending to these little jobs now can save you a lot of grief. If there’s just too much to do then let your agent know – remember, it may affect the sale of your home.

  • Follow this check list below:
  • Replace burnt out light globes. This helps show people that there aren’t any current electrical problems to these areas.
  • Check all toilets to make sure they aren’t running water after flushing.
  • Is your cook top & oven in working order, including gas igniters?
  • Make sure all taps aren’t leaking.

Do the prep first and avoid the stress of having to fix things after the final inspection