Electrical Fault Finding Guide

Electrical Power fault finding guide


If you experience a power outage at your property this may be due to a number of factors including a fault with one of your own appliances.
If the fault is in fact caused by one of your appliances you may be liable for the cost of the electrician therefore we recommend that you follow the below procedures prior to calling out an electrician in order to determine the cause of the fault.


  • Check to see if your neighbours have also lost power if this is the case the issue is most likely a power outage in your area please check your power provider’s website or call their faults reporting telephone line.


  • If your neighbours have power reset the RCD in your meter box by turning it back to the on position, if it remains in this position your power has been restored.
    If the RCD will not reset switch off and unplug all appliances .


  • Once all appliances have been switched off and unplugged reset the RCD to the on position.
  • If the RCD will not reset call our office or our after hours emergency number immediately.
  • If the RCD does reset plug-in and switch on one appliance at a time until one appliance trips the RCD.
  • If the appliance belongs to you or another tenant remove this appliance and have it checked by a licensed electrician.
  • If the appliance belongs to the owner of the property please call our office or our after hours emergency number.