ANREPS Real Estate




Anreps has been laid to rest. Founded by Tony Wiles and Dorothy Lowrey in 1989 solely to assist private sellers , Anreps was the first disrupter in the real estate industry. However age catches up with us all, Tony and Dorothy are retiring and the covers are on Anreps.

Today there are plenty of disrupters but none offering the unique service Anreps provided. An essential part of our d-i-y service was mentoring and monitoring our clients’ progress to guide them toward success; to beware of the pitfalls; coaching them on how to negotiate and assistance with the contract once they had agreed terms and price with their buyer.

This aspect of the service is available as a private consultancy. Whatever stage of your sale you are at, if you want some help call Tony on 0411 513 021.


Let’s TANGO!


Tango is Anreps offspring with a new modern look and new name.  We chose it for the  vitality, structure and harmony we want to achieve in our role as specialist Property Managers.

Sean Lowrey, principal and licensee, has been developing our property management arm for 5 years. He was previously with Anreps for 3 years before taking off to roam the Kimberley. Sean has wide experience with people from all walks of life. He is a conscientious, down to earth, practical, trustworthy, no-nonsense  fellow – a great fit for Property Management.

Tango can sell your property as well. We would be delighted to provide you with an estimate of your property’s rental or sale value. For details or to book an appointment call Sean on 0411 197 519.