Perth Property Management

It's our profession and our passion.


At Tango, we provide a perth property management service that is proactive, consistent and results-driven. We are solely focused on property management in Perth. 

We build relationships on trust and understanding with our landlords and our tenants

You will not experience the property manager merry-go-round with us.  You’ll have the same property manager over many years ensuring continuity and consistency. 

Our experience ensures that your valuable asset will be in good hands, managed with care by someone who understands you.

And our Google rating is off the chart: Our customer reviews scores us close to 5/5. 

That’s almost perfection.

Rental Management Services

You can trust us to be responsive and dedicated to your property management needs. Our team is committed to consistently meeting your expectations, including maintaining a positive relationship with you and your tenants.

How much rent can you achieve?

It’s probably more than you think. We have a reputation for attracting high returns from our clients' investments.

Learn more about why people come back to us again and again—from securing the best rates and finding the right tenants, we'll look after your interests every step of way.

Get a no obligation rental return assessment by getting in touch.

Continuity of service.

Trust is an important part of a property management agency and we want to send a clear message to our clients and customers that with Tango you’ll be guaranteed a long term service with a consistent agent.

When you choose to Tango with us us you will be avoiding the painful pitfalls of big agencies that change Perth property managers far too often and cause unnecessary landlord headaches and expense.

Talk to us and have us explain why you'll get a 100% consistent and long term property management service.

Property Management


Understanding your specific investment goals
we want to understand your short and long-term property goals so we can recommend the best residential management strategy for you.
Being across everything a landlord needs to know
from insurance to body corporation rules, smoke alarms to pool fencing requirements, and tenant disputes to property maintenance, we have got you covered on all bases.
Monitoring the market
we continuously track the property market so we can advise on the optimal times for rental increases.
Looking after good tenants
we know how important it is to hold onto good tenants so we’re proactive in our approach to tenant management and communication. We aim to anticipate any potential issues and deal with them before they become larger problems or expenses.

..Lets Tango
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The name behind our success.

Our doors are open and we’re easy to reach.

Sean Lowrey Founding Director

Sean has over 10 years of experience in the Perth property management  & real estate industry. 

He specialises in residential property management, and has been successful at gaining the trust of many clients during his career.

 His keenness to improve processes and streamline service delivery has led him to interact with other industry professionals, allowing him to drive new ways to improve customer satisfaction.

And it shows with great tenant feedback and absolutely satisfied landlords who know that the service and care they receive is the best.